The School of The Prophets

What is prophecy? Am I a prophet?  Are prophets relevant today?

These questions and many more have been posed by many.  No need to remain in the blind because the school of the prophets is here to assist in training, developing and enlightening those regards to the prophetic.

Taking these courses provided does not ensure that you are a prophet.  This school is designed to provide the origin of prophecy, it’s importance, awareness or identification of some of Biblical prophets and the wisdom of administering prophetic properly.

Prophets and prophecy are essential to a lively, church, family, and life in general.  Prophecy can be diverse such as utterance, dance, poetry, demonstration and dreams/visions more.

Have the gift of prophecy?  Let us help develop your Godly character along with unlocking and releasing the prophetic that is within you.

Here are a few things in which the school of The Prophets courses cover.


What we plan to enlighten on here at The School of The Prophets:

  • What is prophecy

  • Unlocking and releasing prophecy

  • Levels and different administrations of prophecy

  • The local prophet

  • The Shemar Prophet

  • Prophetic Make-up (DNA)

  • False Prophets

  • The Jezebel Spirit

  • Dreams and Visions

  • The History of The Prophetic

  • Prophetic Intercession

and much more