Inner Healing and Deliverance

Everyone in life has experienced or encounter some type of hurt or pain. If that pain and hurt is not dealt with in a proper manner to bring healing it can affect a person for their entire life. It can become an obstacle and a stumbling block that stand is the way of a person’s identity being discovered and hinders their divine destiny. The secret of success is the soul of a man being healed from the hurts and the pain of the past.

Inner Healing and Deliverance simultaneously goes hand in hand, it is a method used to expose and expel strongholds completely setting the captives free from harassment of any evil spirits. It is a part of the great commission.

In this training you will learn how to recognize these behaviors that has resulted in emotional scars, and why it is important to minister healing to the emotional wounds of a person that has

caused damage to the soul. You will learn that emotional wounds are one of the most common reasons that deliverance fail. For too long the church has been blinded regarding the underlying

issues that has kept many for walking in total deliverance. Apostle recorded to the church is Ephesus that is impossible to receive their spiritual inheritance without being healed in the inner

man Ephesians 3:16. That same truth applies to the today believer.


This training can be used for individual self-study as well as in a work shop setting. It is filled with scriptures that encourages and strengthen you to maintain your deliverance and healing.