It all started in the Spring of 2015. I felt the hand of the Lord up on me heavily

concerning women.  At that time, I did not realize that the Lord was calling me to the front of

the line to birth out the Apostolic Woman. I received an invitation through social media, from

a friend in Alabama that there was an Apostolic Women’s conference being hosted in

Pensacola, Florida. I felt like Mary; my life was totally interrupted.  I found out about the

conference two before it was going to begin.  In less than 24 hours, I registered and booked

my room.  There was no one to travel with me at the last moment.  I packed my bags and

headed on the 480 mile trip all alone.  I felt the urgency and I knew I had to get there as it

was a 911.


     During this time of my life I was being challenged with revelation that was coming and I

had no-one to talk to.  Have you ever been in a place when the Lord releases pure revelation

from heaven to an imperfect vessel and you to try to explain it, but sometimes the revelation

that you receive from heaven just doesn’t make sense to the flesh? It was very frustrating

having no one to talk to in that new place.  Truly, I was in another place with him.  My journey

was about to shift.


     When I arrived in Pensacola that evening, my room was located directly across from the

Pensacola River.  It was such beautiful scenery and I was drawn to the water.  When I stood

and looked across that river the Lord prophetically spoke to me and said “I am about to do

something in your life that is so prophetic that it’s going to be larger than this river. I had no

idea what was about to take place. I quickly rushed back to my room and prepared myself for

the evening service.  I wanted to arrive early since I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that I

was going to be in the company of women from all walks of life.  There was an excitement in

the air; the revolution was about to begin. Praise God that my thinking was about to change

because of the revelation and knowledge I received about the Apostolic Woman uniquely

designed by God.  I was under an open heaven; the Lord began to pour out his Spirit as

prophesied by the Prophet Joel in Chapter 2 that prophecy was later confirmed in the book of

Acts through Apostle Peter.  I left that conference refreshed and with a Mandate concerning

the Apostolic Woman.  The Lord spirit rested heavily upon me until I said YES! to this

assignment. So here we are Apostolic Woman!

                                                    Apostolic Woman I Am Georgia

Apostolic Woman I Am Florida

         Apostolic Woman I Am North Carolina

Apostolic Woman I Am Bermuda